We can setup your website so you can measure and report on everything.

You no longer have to guess whether your choice of marketing activity, the content and user experience on your website is working or not.

We can take a look at your existing Google Analytics configuration, to ensure that it is tracking your users activity correctly, and we also can look at your website to make recommendations on how best to setup your analytics.

We can discuss what information is important for you to know, to help you make informed decisions.

We can look at where your users are coming from, whether they are using their mobiles, tablets or computers. We can measure what digital marketing campaigns are working best, we can see how long they are spending on each page. We can provide information about their age and gender. We can see what pages they are landing on or leaving on.

We can setup Events and Goals which are called conversion points, This maybe an enquiry, purchase, application or newsletter sign-up. We can setup funnels which allow us to establish what steps the user took before converting.

We can then provide a dashboard report that enables you to view your chosen information in a simple format that is easy to read and can be compared month on month. We can provide insight on top of the data, to help you consider optimising your website, or your marketing campaigns to make them more effective.

Key things about our service

  • Free initial discussion with a fixed price proposal for Google Analytics account setup, tracking configuration and monthly reporting.
  • We can install tracking code on your website, or we can provide code snippets to your existing website provider.
  • We can provide customised dashboard reports to provide the information you require.
  • We provide our own insight from the data gathered to highlight trends, and make recommendations for you to consider.
Amazing service and highly recommended. Nick has been so helpful and i cant be thankful enough.Nick has been so easy to work with. I always got a quick response and help in the moment i needed it. Thank you again and i am looking foward to work with you in the future:)Steffi Witt
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