We can design email templates, create marketing plans, and send the emails for you.

We can assist you with all aspects of email marketing, whether it is sending newsletters to your customers, or offers and information about products and services.

We offer a full email marketing service that covers:

  • Planning
  • Email design
  • Email build
  • Sending
  • Reporting

Initial planning

We work with you to understand your business objectives and create a plan that helps with:

  • Awareness - to grow and expand and your business and recommend marketing tactics.
  • Retention - to retain and and up-sell to your current clients.

The deliverable will be a detailed marketing plan that maps out the tactics and campaigns you need to doing to support your business goals using best practice email tactics.

We can run one-off campaigns or develop multi-step campaigns to target your customer audience.

Email design

We can create attractive mobile optimised email templates that are fully tested across the wide range of email clients and devices, so that all users get an email that engages them and that they can read.

If you wish to create your own designs we can advise on aspects that will make your design work across the plethora of email clients and devices.

Email build & testing

We can build your email to the specification of the email sending vendor, be it Mailchimp, Salesforce, Taleo or any other system.

We use testing tools which allow you to preview what your email will look like for users. To maximise the reach and potential conversion is is important that your email looks great for all users viewing it.

Sending your emails & reporting on results

Emails can be merged with your data so that they can be personalised for your users, making them more engaging and relevant.

We can manage your distribution lists, ensuring that users have opted out from emails are not resent emails.

We can send each email campaign and provide reports on how effective it was in terms of how many users have received, viewed, opened and clicked through to your website.

Key things about our service

  • Free initial discussion to establish your requirements, and to provide you with a fixed price proposal.
  • Richly designed email templates that are optimised to look great on desktops and mobiles.
  • Email testing in Litmus, which provides preview links for all mobile and desktop email systems.
  • Email that allow users to opt out and unsubscribe automatically from receiving further emails.
  • Ensuring that your distribution lists are GPDR compliant, with explicit opt in authorisation.
  • Reports on effectiveness of each email campaign.
Fantastic Service. I cannot recommend Nick enough. We approached him with a brief and he delivered on it perfectly keeping us informed all the way through.Chris Grevett
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