Bespoke Websites.

Your bespoke website.

We design and develop great looking websites, ensuring that your customers get the information they need and your company is presented in a professional and engaging manner.

We are specialists in Wordpress CMS development, an open source content management system which now powers 64% of the worlds websites.

What’s included:

  • Discovery consultancy to scope requirements
  • Bespoke website design and development
  • Support with content, imagery and video
  • Domain name and annual hosting
  • Ongoing support and advice
  • Dedicated project manager to deliver this all for you
  • Guidance on promoting your business

Making it really easy

We can discuss the options with you and guide you through the whole process. We take care of the design, content requirements and technical aspects, leaving you to ensure that it looks and works as you need.

What’s great about this service?

  • Free consultation to discuss your business needs and objectives
  • We can discuss all the options with you, and guide you through the process
  • We can help you with the website content if required
  • You don’t need any technical knowledge
  • The website is optimised for mobile and search engines (SEO)
  • We will register your business with Google for Business so that it shows up in your customers local Google searches

Scoping your project

Understanding the project requirements and building a site to meet a budget expectation and timescales are the starting part of any project.

We help you take a step back to think about what your users may actually be looking for when they search the internet, and what their intent maybe when finding your website.

This helps your website attract the right people, and them to engage with your content and ultimate convert into enquires.

Our discovery phase starts by talking through;

  • Who your customers are
  • What is the purpose of your site (ie. get business enquiries, promote your brand, sell downloads)
  • What core information do you customers need
  • How this information is grouped into pages. This is often called a site map.
  • What is the content hierachy on each page, and how does it flow on each page to a prompt for a user to get in touch. (Often called a call to action)
  • We discuss your aspiration around sites you like and don’t like and how this fits in with your brand.
  • The expect volume of users your site may have so we can make sure your hosting environment is suitable.

Simple to understand

After our initial calls and meetings, rather than creating bug wordy specification documents, we create concise annotated wireframe diagrams that detail the rough content structure of the site and how functionality on each page will work.

These are a great visual way to start understanding your website, but also to work as a base for finalising your content, and for the designer to work from.

The key benefits of this approach

  • The time spent upfront, means that the final website will be fit for purpose.
  • It is much clearer for us all to visualise the final website, before we have even started it.
  • The project can be delivered quickly and efficiently as their are fewer new ideas as we go along.
  • It is easier for multiple stake-holders to understand and sign-off before the project commences.
Website Page Structure
Website Page Structure
Website Page Structure Detail

WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

Wordpress is by far the most widely used CMS on the web. It is open source which means you do not pay any ongoing licence fees to use it. It has been around since 2003 and is regularly updated, there have been approximately 12 updates per year.

Over the years we have refined the way in which we configure this for our clients, so that it is really simple for them to update their website with limited technical knowledge, and without the risk of them inadvertently breaking their website.

The key benefits of using Wordpress;

  • You own your complete website without any ongoing licence fees.
  • Your website is very portable and you could easily find another specialist to help you with it.
  • It makes content management simple and many users are already familiar with it.
  • It is very scalable and extendable, with literally 1000’s of off the shelf plugins available for specific integrations.

Fast, secure and easy to use

To ensure that your Wordpress site is secure, fast and search engine friendly we steer away from using off the shelf themes that can be purchase. These do not give you a bespoke website, and often come with bloated aspects that your site does not need.

We setup the content management system to manage the core content on your site in a simple manner using forms that can be used be non-technical people. We ensure that all dynamic content like news stories can easily be created with minimal effort.

We can provide your CMS users ‘Editor’ only access so that the more administrative aspects of the CMS are hidden from them, to make it simpler for them to do what they need to do.

We apply a security module to your website to ensure that both your website and CMS are best protected against malicious activity.

Wordpress CMS

Industry standard Content Management, making your website easy to update and maintain.

Wordpress Editor
Wordpress Page Fields
WordPress Media Library

Ongoing Support

Once your website is live we take care of ensuring your Wordpress site is updated to the latest version, and that your site is performing as it should.

We are on hand to assist you with;

  • Content management assistance you may need to update your content.
  • To discuss minor changes or enhancements you wish to make.
  • To measure your websites traffic and report back on user behaviour.
  • To make suggest ideas that may improve your site overtime.
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How can we help you?

Please get in touch if you have a project or would like some advice?