Information Systems.

Organise your business with an easy to use information system

We can help you streamline your business workflow by organising your data in simple to use online information systems.

As a business grows the management of information, specifically when handled separately by individuals can become a big headache in terms of being efficient, ensuring data is secure and backed up.

It is typical to have multiple spreadsheets containing information on multiple machines. The integrity and accuracy of this data often relies on the diligence of the user working on the spreadsheets. Mistakes can be easily overlooked.

With all your data organised in an online information system, users can have individual logins, with access levels to different information. Workflow processes can be built in meaning alerts and notifications can prompt users when actions need to be taken. Real-time management reports can provide immediate insight into revenue and business performance.

If applicable, these systems can be extended so that your clients can share information, giving you an edge over your competitors in terms of how you can provide information real-time to your clients.

An information system can start small, and be extended to adapt with your business as it grows and your requirements change.

We typically start a project like this by discussing the scope of your business needs and looking at the amount and structure of the information you are processing. We can either provide a top-line scope and fixed price or if more business analysis is required, we would work with you to put together a requirements specification for a fixed fee, to ensure that the system proposed is fit for purpose.

Key things about our service

  • All your information is stored securely online, and it backed in one central place.
  • Users can have their own access accounts, with different access privileges.
  • Information can be shared between teams.
  • Workflow processes, checks, alerts, dashboards can be setup to make managing information more effective.
  • We can work with you to analyse how best to organise your information, and build efficient processes.
  • Integrations are possible with third-party systems.
  • Your information system can be adapted and enhanced to meet your business needs as it grows.