About Us.

High tides and good vibes.

We are a small, experienced team and pride ourselves on being easy and enjoyable to work with.

We are based on the south coast and like to think a little of the fresh air here finds its way into our business.

We value a healthy work life balance for our team, so our clients always get our full enthusiasm and creativity.

We offer excellent design, web development, hosting and marketing. No waffle, just great websites and digital products that do what you need them to do.

Our expertise comes with a friendly, honest approach which puts people first.

Our Values.

We have carefully discussed our values, and use them to make sure we stay true to our believes about running our agency.


We show gratitude to our clients, our work, each other and make work fun. Always focus on solutions. Take a moment, take a deep breath and turn problems into an opportunity to impress.


We do everything with passion. And because of that, the work we produce will be better, the relationships we forge will be stronger and the direction we head in will always be the right one.


We take an honest approach and do the right thing, however hard that path may seem. We are who we are - authentic and down to earth.


We bloody love what we do, and are genuinely proud of the work we do. We’re not shy of a high-fiv and we’ll give kudos, where kudos is due. We share success with each other and our clients. Sharing the love, being happy and loving life is what we live by.